The Juggler Peter Show

A fun and exciting experience, The Juggler Peter Show is loved by both children and adults. With amazing stunts and family friendly humor, it is the perfect entertainment for crowds of all ages. Combine his incredible juggling and balance with an hilarious and family friendly sense of humor, and your event will be the best ever. Some of the things to expect at a show are:
• Rope walking
• Blindfolded knife juggling
• Seven different objects at the same time
• Side splitting comedy
• Rolla bolla balancing
• Danger juggling - fire, swords, cleavers, tasers
• Audience Participation
• Hoop and ring spinning on all parts of the body
• Ball, ring, and club Juggling   

A Juggler at your Event

Parties, trade shows, receptions, and other events can benefit from a juggler entertaining your guests and customers. Hiring Peter Brunette as a walk around juggler will provide mobile entertainment for large or disperse crowds, and give a sense of fun to your entire event.

For your school or team

A former teacher, Peter can teach your school group or sports team to juggle. Juggling is a life long skill that will help build hand eye coordination, build confidence and self esteem and even increase gray matter in your brain!  Juggling  lessons are a great team building expercise and teach the life lessons of perserverance and not accepting failure.

Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Festivals, Weddings, Whatever!